• 2016 – 2498, 59, 21363, 26730
  • 2017 – 2044, 61, 16386, 14360
  • 2018 – 1475, 51,  8818, 9170

Tieto čísla sú štatistika, ktorá je desivá svojou anonymitou, ignoráciou verejnosti a globálnym rozšírením. Je to štatistika zo stránky The Religion of Peace, ktorá eviduje islamské útoky.

Je to bilancia „Náboženstva Mieru“ za roky 2016, 2017, 2018. K štatistike ďalej pridávame aj čísla za posledných 30 letných dní a z augusta roku 2018. Kto chce, uverí že ide o aktuálny problém, kto nechce, stále bude hovoriť, že sa nič nedeje.

Zoznam teroristických útokov vo svete motivovaných islamom

Od 23.9.2018 do 25.8.2018 bolo zaznamenaných 723 úmrtí, ktoré boli priamo motivované islamom. V zozname sa nachádzajú aj vraždy zo cti (honor killing), keďže 90% všetkých vrážd je spôsobených moslimami za mlčania náboženských predstaviteľov. Všetky udalosti sú kolektované z dennej tlače a overované. Pokiaľ sa ukáže, že nejde o nábožensky motivovaný útok, udalosť je vymazaná zo zoznamu. Týchto prípadov je však mizivé percento. Prakticky všetky udalosti v tomto zozname ostávajú, pretože niet pochybností, že ich zdrojom bolo náboženské presvedčenie aktérov. Od 11.9.2001, keď začala stránka zaznamenávať nábožensky motivované útoky, eviduje 33864 mŕtvych. Ale ako hovoria predstavitelia SaS, máme si na to zvyknúť…

124 islamských útokov v 21 krajinách, kde umrelo 723 ľudí a 768 bolo zranených
164 islamských útokov v 27 krajinách, kde umrelo 868 ľudí a 806 bolo zranených. Samovražedných útokov bolo v auguste 16
1475 islamských útokov v 51 krajinách, kde umrelo 8818 ľudí a 9170 bolo zranených
2044 islamských útokov v 61 krajinách, kde umrelo 16836 ľudí a 14360 bolo zranených
2498 islamských útokov v 59 krajinách, kde umrelo 21363 ľudí a 26730 bolo zranených

Úplná štatistika za posledných tridsať dní aj s popisom

2018.09.23IraqAthba10A man is murdered in his own home by the Islamic State.
2018.09.22DRCBeni165Sixteen people are masscared when ADF Islamists invade a village.
2018.09.22IranAhvaz2960Over two dozen people are a military parade are massacred by Sunni terrorists.
2018.09.21IraqMaflaka21Religious radicals assassinate a town’s mayor in his home along with a bystander.
2018.09.21AfghanistanShirin Tagab86Eight young children are vaporized by a Taliban bomb.
2018.09.21IndiaKapran31Three off-duty cops are dragged out of their homes by Muslim terrorists and shot to death.
2018.09.21SyriaSarmin10A man is killed by suspected Ahrar al-Sham.
2018.09.20MozambiquePaqueue1214Fourteen villagers are slaughtered by a pro-Sharia group, including two who are burned alive.
2018.09.20SyriaIdlib40Terrorists murder four civilians in two attacks.
2018.09.20AfghanistanGhazni52Five local police are murdered by armed fundamentalists.
2018.09.19IraqKirkuk17An Islamic State bomb blast claims a civilian life.
2018.09.19IraqRiyadh20Two ISIS kidnap victims are found brutally executed.
2018.09.19PakistanQila Saifullah20Two guards at a market are gunned down by terrorists on motorcycles.
2018.09.18IraqRiyadh10A journalist is kidnapped, blindfolded and shot in the head by the Islamic State.
2018.09.18AfghanistanChahar Bolak90A cowardly attack by a Taliban in uniform leaves nine unarmed cops dead.
2018.09.18IraqHawija55Mujahideen blow up a bus, killing five Iraqis.
2018.09.18MaliTidinbawen23Jihadists successfully kill two people with a roadside bomb.
2018.09.18NigeriaKonduga60Boko Haram set three villages on fire, killing six residents.
2018.09.17IndiaKulgam10Religion of Peace activists barge into a home and shoot a resident in the head.
2018.09.17AfghanistanWarmami83Eight members of a family are wiped out in their own home by a Jihadist rocket.
2018.09.17SyriaSuwayda11Terrorists gun down a civilian.
2018.09.17NigeriaRann10A female Red Cross worker and mother of two is murdered in captivity by Boko Haram.
2018.09.17AfghanistanFarah170A series of Taliban attacks leave seventeen dead.
2018.09.17AfghanistanQali-e-now50Fundamentalists exterminate five local cops.
2018.09.16AfghanistanKandahar20A man and his son are taken down in a targeted attacky by Sunni hardliners.
2018.09.16IsraelGush Etzion10A Jewish American is stabbed to death at the shopping mall by a Palestinian terrorist.
2018.09.16IraqMosul180A mass grave is discovered containing eighteen women and children murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.09.16SyriaJarabulus16A suicide bomber goes off at a bus stop, killing a child.
2018.09.15AfghanistanKhalazai44Four locals are shredded by Taliban shrapnel.
2018.09.15PakistanGujaranwala10A man dies in the hospital after being sprayed with acid in an attack targeting him over his Christian faith.
2018.09.15SomaliaMogadishu11Islamists attach a car bomb to a vehicle, killing the driver.
2018.09.15IraqHawija21Two Iraqis are murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.09.14NigeriaBulama Kururi100At least ten villagers are purged when Boko Haram gunmen open up on them.
2018.09.14SomaliaBosaso20Islamists bring down two university graduates at close range with handguns.
2018.09.14AfghanistanNawbahar83Eight Afghans are shot to death by Muslim extremists.
2018.09.14KenyaSebanal20Two bus passengers are executed after being unable to recite from the Quran.
2018.09.14FranceNimes Feria02A man yelling praises to Allah plows his car into a crowd.
2018.09.14AfghanistanDara-i-Suf Paen717Religious radicals stage a terror attack that leaves seven dead, including a woman.
2018.09.14Burkina FasoKompienga30Three members of a single family are shot to death by Islamic extremists.
2018.09.14Burkina FasoDiabiga60Radicalized Muslims target a rival mosque, killing the imam and five others.
2018.09.14NigeriaAdamawa350Women and children drown while trying to flee a Muslim terror attack.
2018.09.13SyriaJanobi12A suicide bomber claims a civilian.
2018.09.13AfghanistanLashkar Gah12One person succumbs to injury following a suicide car bombing.
2018.09.13KenyaShamu10An elderly man is gunned down by al-Shabaab.
2018.09.13IraqHawija40Four ISIS kidnap victims are discovered tortured to death.
2018.09.13AfghanistanFarah296A brutal attack by the Taliban leaves thirty Afghans dead.
2018.09.13NigeriaAdamawa180A pastor and nine women are among eighteen innocents slain by Muslim terrorists.
2018.09.13AfghanistanSamangan60Sunni hardliners attack a police post, killing six members.
2018.09.12KenyaUkanda10Islamists shoot a 45-year-old man five times.
2018.09.12IraqShargat12Jihadi car bombers murder a civilian.
2018.09.12AfghanistanHerat61Six are left dead after a series of Taliban attacks.
2018.09.12SyriaManbij12Terrorists kill one person outside a hospital.
2018.09.12IraqHajaj642A suicide bomber takes out a half-dozen restaurant patrons in mid-bite.
2018.09.11ThailandPattani24Muslim militants ambush a security patrol, killing two members.
2018.09.11SyriaRaqqa10ISIS explosives claim the life of one civilian.
2018.09.11AfghanistanJalalabad14A child is obliterated by fundamentalist shrapnel outside a girls‘ school.
2018.09.11AfghanistanJalalabad68165A suicide bomber blows himself up among a group of protesters, laying out over sixty.
2018.09.10IraqSharqat10Three suicide bombers manage to kill just one other person.
2018.09.10IraqRutba12A civilian bleeds to death following an ISIS bomb blast.
2018.09.10AfghanistanYakhchal66Six family members are laid out by a mortar attack on their home.
2018.09.10IndiaMuniwar10Suspected militants shoot a civilian to death in his car.
2018.09.10IraqKirkuk10Hashd al-Shaabi is suspected of shooting a teenager to death on the street.
2018.09.10LibyaTripoli210Islamic State gunmen invade an oil corporation headquarters, kiilling two staff members.
2018.09.10AfghanistanDashti Archi1315A Taliban attack leaves thirteen dead.
2018.09.10AfghanistanDara Suf146Fundamentalist Muslims ambush and kill fourteen police and civilians.
2018.09.10AfghanistanSari Pul173Seventeen local security personnel lose their lives to a Taliban attack.
2018.09.10SomaliaHodan616Suicide car bombers destroy six lives.
2018.09.10IraqHaditha25Two others are killed when a suicide bomber strikes a hospital.
2018.09.10IraqHawija20Two civilians are picked off by ISIS snipers.
2018.09.09AfghanistanKhamyab83Eight Afghans lose their lives to a terrorist attack.
2018.09.09AfghanistanFarah40A shocking attack by religious fanatics on a police checkpoint leaves four dead.
2018.09.09SyriaMouhardeh100Two girls are among ten lives destroyed by a Sunni rocket attack on a Christian neighborhood.
2018.09.09ThailandNarathiwat22Two unfortunates are shot to death by Islamic militants.
2018.09.09AfghanistanKabul725A suicide bomber on a motorcycle targets a memoria, taking seven other souls with him.
2018.09.08NigeriaGudumbali80At least eight civilians are killed when Boko Haram takes over a small town.
2018.09.08AfghanistanHerat96A fundamentalist group attacks a police checkpoint and kills nine officers.
2018.09.08SyriaNaima10Sunni shrapnel claims a civilian.
2018.09.08AfghanistanKansak10A tribal elder is abducted and murdered by Islamic militants.
2018.09.07PakistanNasoowal40Two children are among an entire family wiped out in an honor killing.
2018.09.07AfghanistanBadghis110A Taliban attack leaves eleven dead.
2018.09.07AfghanistanNarkh40Four civilians are successfully taken out by a Taliban explosive.
2018.09.06AfghanistanAb Kamari116An Islamic Emirates attack leaves eleven dead.
2018.09.06AfghanistanKhwaja Ghar80A Taliban in police uniform opens fire on eight sleeping officers, killing them all.
2018.09.06PakistanTehkal20A secular politician and his nephew are gunned down by terrorists.
2018.09.06IraqDiyala25Suspected Islamic State gunmen take out two Iraqis along a highway.
2018.09.06NigeriaGana-Ropp50Five miners are murdered by Muslim terrorists.
2018.09.06NigeriaNding Suisut22Two villagers are cut down by Miyetti Allah gunmen.
2018.09.05Burkina FasoKompienga25Two Burkinese are laid out by Jihadi bombers.
2018.09.05AfghanistanGhor32Three guards for a wheat convoy are murdered by the Taliban.
2018.09.05IndiaHajidarpora10A laborer is killed during a shooting attack by militant Muslims.
2018.09.05AfghanistanKabul2691Twenty-four civilians and two journalists are cut down by a Sunni suicide bomber at a gym frequented by Shiites.
2018.09.05CARBria420Over forty Christians, mainly women, are massacred by Muslims armed with machetes.
2018.09.04AfghanistanMiranzayee10A police chief is killed by a Taliban roadside bomb.
2018.09.04IraqAbu Karma10A farmer working his garden is exterminated by an ISIS bomb blast.
2018.09.04AfghanistanQala-i-Now24Two local cops are killed by suspected Taliban.
2018.09.04NigeriaGwoza225Boko Haram attack a bus, kill two passengers and abduct two dozen others.
2018.09.03AfghanistanPaktia46At least four Afghan security personnal are killed during an overnight assault by fundamentalists.
2018.09.03IraqAlbu Shaher71Seven residents are killed when the Islamic State fires into houses.
2018.09.03IraqKhanouka13An 80-year-old man is shot to death by the Islamic State.
2018.09.02PakistanKurram10A border guard’s life is cut short by Taliban gunmen.
2018.09.02PhilippinesIsulan115Muslim militants set off a bomb outside an Internet café, killing one.
2018.09.02SomaliaMogadishu714Two children are among a group of seven blown into pieces by a suicide bomber.
2018.09.02IraqBeiji32Three farmers are plowed under by Jihadi bombers.
2018.09.02LibyaTripoli47A militia sends a rocket into a refugee camp, clearing out four residents.
2018.09.02NigeriaLatya1312Miyetti Allah gunmen roll into a village and shoot a dozen people dead.
2018.09.02IraqZekheikha23Islamic State members sneak up on a group of villagers and shoot two dead.
2018.09.01AfghanistanMazar-i-Sharif10A prayer leader is gunned down by Religion of Peace rivals.
2018.09.01SyriaAleppo120A suicide car bomber exterminates a civilian bystander.
2018.08.31PhilippinesSirawai42Suspected Abu Sayyaf murder four people and kidnap two others.
2018.08.31NetherlandsAmsterdam02Two American tourists are stabbed at a train station by a Muslim refugee.
2018.08.31EgyptMinya03A Muslim mob attacks Christian homes on a rumor that a church was planned.
2018.08.31SomaliaAfgoye37Three Somalis lose their lives to an attack by al-Shabaab.
2018.08.31IndiaPurba Burdwan10A woman is strangled and mutilated by her family for being in a relationship with a Hindu man.
2018.08.30NigeriaZari4819Boko Haram overrun a local security base and massacre forty-eight personnel.
2018.08.30AfghanistanFarah10The head of airport security is assassinated by suspected Islamists.
2018.08.30AfghanistanMohmand53Five border guards are shredded by a fundamentalist bomber.
2018.08.30IraqShoura80Six children are among a family of eight brutally wiped out in their own home by ISIS gunmen.
2018.08.30ThailandMuang21A woman is among two people shot to death at a market by Muslim ‚insurgents‘.
2018.08.30IraqAbbasi23A suicide car bomber takes out two Iraqis.
2018.08.29SyriaAfrin218Women and children are among the casualties of a marketplace bomb blast.
2018.08.29KenyaLamu510Five border guards bleed out following an al-Shabaab landmine attack.
2018.08.29IraqOzem20Two passport officials are assassinated by Mujahideen.
2018.08.29IraqUdheim20ISIS open fire on a passing vehicle, killing two passengers.
2018.08.29AfghanistanHerat16A civilian is cut down by a Sunni bomb blast.
2018.08.29IraqQaim1116Eleven people at a traffic stop are blown to bits by a Fedayeen suicide bomber.
2018.08.29IndiaArahom40Jaish-e-Muhammad fire on a police escort vehicle point-blank, killing four officers.
2018.08.28NigeriaBarkin Ladi80A pastor, his wife, and three children are among eight people burned or shot to death by Fulani terrorists.
2018.08.28YemenAbyan54An al-Qaeda ambush on a checkpoint leaves five dead.
2018.08.28IraqBahiza10A civilian is kidnapped and murdered by the Islamic State.
2018.08.28Burkina FasoPama80A roadside bomb destroys a passing vehicle, along with eight lives.
2018.08.28PhilippinesIsulan237Islamic bombers send shrapnel through a crowd at a festival, killing two innocents – including a 7-year-old girl.
2018.08.28AfghanistanHalalzo30Three civilians are disintegrated by fundamentalist shrapnel.
2018.08.27TajikistanPanj River21A dozen terrorists open fire on forest rangers, killing two.
2018.08.27IraqBaghdad24Terrorists shoot two civilians to death in separate attacks.
2018.08.27AfghanistanKabul20Two off-duty air force personnel are shot dead by suspected Taliban.
2018.08.26AfghanistanKunar34Islamic Emirate gunmen fire on a road security crew, killing three.
2018.08.26IraqAbu Sayda10A woman tending her farm is leveled by an ISIS mortar round.
2018.08.26ThailandMuang11Muslim ‚insurgents‘ shoot a 14-year-old boy at a grocery.
2018.08.26PakistanPunjab20An unmarried couple is gunned down for ‚honor‘ by the woman’s family.
2018.08.25IraqMansouriya12Mujahid bombers take out a civilian.
2018.08.25AfghanistanJalalabad38A suicide bomber kills three people outside an election commission.
2018.08.25EgyptArish410Four local cops are killed when fundamentalists attack their checkpoint.
2018.08.25IndiaKeran10Islamic terrorists kill a border guard with a planted mine.
2018.08.25IraqAbu Najm10Two terrorists blow up a shepherd.
2018.08.25LebanonMinieh10A man is murdered and mutilated in a supermarket parking lot by a cleric who accused him of blasphemy.