I have had my video posted for over 6 months, now suddenly it has been taken off just at a brink of presidential election. This is political! This is election meddling… ” – says S.Harabin, the judge of the highest court in the country in reaction at a latest censorship attempt by big tech.

Judge Harabin, who is one of the frontrunners for presidential seat in Slovakia with population of just 5,5 million, has been recent victim of censorship by big tech. YouTube, and then facebook decided to take action, and pulled down online video from their platforms, where judge criticises illegall aspect of upcoming UN pact on organised migration in contrast to Slovakian laws. In video that has been taken off, candidate for president Stefan Harabin, who is now 4th in a tight race, explains illegal aspect of treaty in the context of Slovakian laws, and also calls out people in government posts responsible for making decision.

I have had my video posted for over 6 months, now suddenly it has been taken off just at a brink of presidential election. This is political! This is election meddling, and I think it is violation of my free speech, guaranteed by Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights… but it would probably take minimum of 10 years to go through the whole process to gain justice.” – speaks Harabin in reaction at radioshow infovojna.

In Germany you can’t criticize migration, not even if you make a satire piece against far-right, more here: https://www.politico.eu/article/germany-hate-speech-netzdg-facebook-youtube-google-twitter-free-speech/

JUDr Harabin: “My video where I criticised UN migration treaty has been taken down by youtube without mentioning any reason. Than in an effort to re-post it on facebook, – a following day, facebook also pulled it off. Video at the time had 1,6k shares and 40k views. They took it down without mentioning any reason, and they also rejected my appeal. It is a total power grab and eye beating corruption” – says the judge.

GLOBAL COMPACT FOR SAFE, ORDERLY AND REGULAR MIGRATION , official name for UN pact on migration, or locally in Slovakia referred as Marrakesh treaty is a big topic. It is also a big topic amongst countries that are the opposers of organised quotas and migration. Six countries – Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria and Bulgaria are all in one and decided to oppose signing declaration. (At writing of this article Estonia vowed to pull out of signing off the global treaty) Slovakia, that lays in between Poland and Hungary, now has open public discussion whether it should join those countries and reject the treaty in upcoming summit in Morocco, or whether it should join the global pact.

Current foreign minister Miroslav Lajcak, who was also mentioned in wikileaks, and was recommended by philanthropist and open border protagonist Geroge Soros back in 2011, in email exchange with then foreign ministry Hillary Clinton, is described as trustworthy, and now he is willing to sign the treaty (no surprise), but there are now opposing voices coming from government partners and also from some running presidential candidates. On of such candidates is above mentioned judge Harabin, who as it appears is being censored by big tech, in country of 5,5 million, in which looks like a collusion with presidential elections.

Kristian Keller