Fires of warfare are spreading throughtout Syria. Big players like Russia and Turkey are to be responsible for it, after both of them agreed to do so in their talks released by Anadolu Agency.

Putin and Erdogan discussed by phone the situation of Idlib and Afrin provinces. They agreed to further coordinate their attacks in hopes to destroy terrorist forces in that region.

Reuters also released information concerning pro-Assad militias (NDF) entering Afrin province. This unwanted activity is causing problems for the big players. Mevlut Cavusoglu, Turkish minister of foreign affairs, claimed a warning for pro-assad militias backing up Kurdish forces when he visited Jordan.

Now, ‚will the regime enter there? If they do, what for?‘ that is important. If regime enters to clear out the PKK, YPG then there is no problem. If they are entering [Afrin] to provide protection to the YPG, then no one can stop Turkey or Turkish soldiers. This is not for Afrin only, but also for Manbij and for east of Euphrates too,“ he added.

Cavusoglu added, Turks and Jordanians are willing to cooperate further, because the evaluation of this terrorist problem by both sides are aligned. Which sounds pretty weird, considering what Abdallah II, Jordanian king, said of Putin after their 20 year friendship: „He is my brother,“ before his trip to Moscow last week.

Whole situation then looks like a perfectly directed play, in which every player has a prescribed role.

Tiger forces (SAA), a special combat division of Syrian army, these past days were moving their equipment from south part of Idlib province to Eastern Ghouta. They are currently stationed on suburbs of Damascus, which is heavily defended by terrorist forces.

It seems the entering of militia forces to the Afrin province was not permitted by regime goverment and it is in violation of Russian and Turkish plans for that region.

The battle has begun, according to information given yesterday. This attack is suppose to clear the Eastern Ghouta’s suburbs of terrorist threat.

By the way, the death and injuries of hundreds of Russian soldiers in Syria kind of silently blew away. Lavrov, Russian minister of foreign affairs, marked this incident on Munich conferency as an attempt of anti-russian propaganda.